Delegate Login

Login to Submit Abstract, Abstract Status, Submit ePoster, Conference Registration etc...

Reviewer Login

Login to read abstracts & give marks.

Scientific Secretary Login

Login to create reviewer, read abstracts, approve abstracts, assign as Oral Presentation or ePoster

Review Markings

Reviewer can mark each abstracts out of 100 and submit.

Auto Reminder

Auto notice to reviewer and Scientific Sec when abstracts is submitted.

Auto Update

Auto update to delegate once final abstract results are given by Scientific Sec.

Delegate Login & Abstract Submission System

  • Delegate Login

    Collect basic information & generate delegate login.

  • Submit Abstracts

    Submit abstracts as per the category and topics

  • Scientific Secretary Login

    Scientific Secretary review marks & approved abstracts as oral presentation or ePoster.

  • Delegate Login

    Review abstract status & submit ePoster

Reviewer Login & Marking System

  • Reviewer Login

    Reviewer login as per the topics assigned.

  • Pending Abstracts

    View list of pending abstracts as per assigned topics

  • Give Marks

    Read abstract and marks 0 to 100.

  • Submit Review

    Submit reviews and auto removed for pending abstracts.

Scientific Secretary Login, Abstract Approval, & Assign System

  • Scientific Secretary Login

    Scientific Secretary Login as master admin of abstract management system.

  • Review Abstracts

    View of total Abstract list as per different topics and marks by reviewers.

  • Assign Abstracts

    Assign it as Oral Presentation, Fee ePoster & Award ePoster.

  • Approve & Submit

    Final approval and send abstract results delegates.

Delegate Login

Delegate Registraction, Abstract Submission, ePoster Submission, Hotel Booking

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Reviwer Login

Pending Abstract List, View Abstracts, Abstract Marking

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Scientific Sec Login

Add Reviewer, View Abstracts, Approve Abstract, Assign Abstracts

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