Web Registration Form

Visitor Registration on event website

Bar Code Generating

Auto-generate Bar Code for visitor count

QR Code Generating

Auto-generate QR Code using visitor data

Payment Gateway

Client bank payment gateway integration

Onsite Registration Software

Cloud registration on real time update on web and onsite registration

Badge Printing (Home & Venue)

Print badge at home & on site at venue

Badge Printing @ Home

  • Register

    Register via website, mobile, tablet.

  • Badge Emailed

    Event badge send to email with details, Bar & QR Code.

  • Print @ Home

    Just take a A4 page printout with any printer.

  • Visit Event

    You can use the printout & Bar/QR code to track.

Badge Printing @ Venue

  • Register

    Register with basic details on-site.

  • Print @ On-site

    Print visitor details with Bar & QR Code.

  • Search Pre-Reg Visitor

    Search via name, email, reg number, mobile number.

  • Real-time Report

    Get a real-time update on visitor registration count.

Event Registration Admin

There are many variations option for delegates/visitors to register for a event, with single database & backend to manage information.

  • Register using Website
  • Register using Event App
  • Register using Registration Tab
  • Register Onsite
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